Summer tasting


A Summer tasting of lillet vive

National tasting campaign for Lillet, the new summer drink by Pernod Ricard. The 300 selected touchpoints include premium hairstylists, trendy fashion boutiques, beauty institutes, and day spas. We’re serving the bold, fruity mixed drink “Lillet Vive” in stylish, original Lillet glasses, with ice-cold Schweppes tonic water and raspberries.

To ensure the success of this promotion, REINBOLDROST implemented the following service modules:

  • Brainstorming and conceptualizing campaign
  • Acquiring partners
  • Purchasing prizes
  • Project management from contracting through to reporting
  • Market research
  • Promotional risk management
  • Creation and production of campaign-related ad materials plus storytelling
  • Programming campaign Web sites/banner/voting logic
  • Co-packing, packaging, and logistics
  • Clearing and fulfillment
  • Couponing in retail through clearing houses
  • Consumer care