Turning customers into fans.

REINBOLDROST is only satisfied once our customers become our fans. We focus on broadcasting our excitement and passion to others. From REINBOLDROST to your company. From our promotions to your customers, turning them into fans of your products and your brand.


A simple dual strategy.

Lots of promotions start with a fantastic idea. REINBOLDROST digs into your concept, cultivating attention to detail. We think through every element – down to the last stamp – then follow through to the end with good planning and consistency. We call it our creative dual strategy: Thinking + doing.


Control or confidence?

If you invest in a promotional campaign, you’ll see the results immediately. Numbers can be ruthlessly honest. Errors result in immediate backlash. But they also sharpen your senses, and help you understand how to get to the heart of your campaign. Just try it out for yourself!




Good promotions happen at the POS, the POI, and in the heart.

Barilla Germany


Beam Suntory Germany




Coppenrath Feingebäck

Coppenrath & Wiese



Dr. Klaus Karg



The Family Butchers






Hassia Gruppe


H.J. Heinz


Hermes Arzneimittel





Lotus Bakeries



Mäurer & Wirtz


Müller Gruppe



Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft



Pernod Ricard

Reckitt Benckiser


RhönSprudel Gruppe

Rotkäppchen Mumm



Sinziger Mineralbrunnen





Walter Rau

Zur Mühlen Gruppe


On thinking, doing, and sharing our passion.

REINBOLDROST. Die Promotionmacher. It’s a motto that gets to the heart of our focus for the past 25 years: Our excitement and passion for promotions. Anyone who works with major companies and well known brands takes on a big responsibility – and can’t shy away from a challenge. The market demands success. Our customers demand boldness and professionalism.

“One of us can be flipping out – the other one makes sure the job still gets done.”

Reinbold Rost

Everyone has their own strengths. And two of us means twice the talent. Work is mutual at REINBOLDROST. One of us might have an idea, then the other makes sure it’s viable. The roles might be reversed on the next project. At the end of the day, it’s the third party that really counts – the client.

Jessica Reinbold, Andreas Rost

Managing directors

Promotion is a team sport.

Anyone who wants to join our team here at REINBOLDROST needs the will to be consistent. We need you to be ready to push through, then have the perseverance to work full steam ahead until the job’s done. It’s just that simple.

Play on our team.

REINBOLDROST is always looking for new talent, and for anyone ready to shake things up. If our company appeals to you, you can apply now by e-mailing: j.reinbold@reinboldrost.de


A quick response time, and a message that sticks.

The world of promotions works very differently than classic channels of communication. While building a brand is a marathon, promotions have to work immediately, in the heat of the moment. Your customers don’t have much time, but they do know something new and innovative when they see it. They react by making spontaneous purchases. An idea is only as good as the mechanisms and the feel-good packaging that back it up. At REINBOLDROST, clients only need to give a nod towards a certain concept, then we’ll take care of everything else. It’s a highly effective and relaxing way to work.

Brainstorming and conceptualizing campaign

Ob grobes Konzeptpapier oder Highend-Präsi mit Visus und Budget, Sie geben die Anforderung vor. Ihr Briefing ist der Startschuss.

Project management from contracting through to reporting

Ob Koop mit einer anderen Marke oder der letzte Schrei aus Fernost. Wir wissen, wer, was wo - und vor allem wie. Von Barter-Deal bis No-Deal-Empfehlung.

Creating and producing campaign-related ad materials

Das Rundum-sorglos-Paket für Ihre Aktivierungs-Kampagne. Wir geben Ihnen mit Rat und Tat von A bis Z professionelle Promo-Entspannung.

Brainstorming and conceptualizing campaign

Von Ihren Sell-in-Unterlagen über POS-Kommunikation bis zum Insta-Post. Wir gestalten Aktivierung through-the-line.

Project management from contracting through to reporting

100 % Budgetsicherheit mit Fixed-Fee-Absicherung. Wann macht's Sinn, was sind die Stellschrauben und wer der richtige Partner? Wir kennen uns aus.

Creating and producing campaign-related ad materials

Ob Datenerfassung, Payment-Services, Prämien-Versand oder Customer-Service. Unsere Liebe fürs Detail zahlt sich aus. Versprochen.


Von der Standortabsprache über die Schulung und Routenplanung bis zur Einsatz-Doku.

Buzz EN

16.03.2021 - Eva Schuster

Activation nac’st level.

REINBOLDROST hat ein Herz für Gamer.

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Powered by REINBOLDROST: nac’st level Mechanik, nac’st level Gewinne, nac’st level Kommunikation. Mit der NicNac’s Aktivierung lassen wir Gamer-Herzen höher schlagen. Egal, ob oldschool oder uptodate. Und den passenden Good-Cause bringen wir auch gleich mit. Dein Game, Deine Wahl: https://www.nicnacs-aktion.de/

01.03.2021 - Marius Ackermann

Der Kaffee geht auf uns.

REINBOLDROST bringt zusammen, was zusammen gehört.

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Hier passen gleich mehrere Dinge. Produkt- und Markenfit, Verwendung uuund die passende Mechanik für die Shopper Activation. Wir können unsere Koop-Gene einfach nicht verleugnen. Und ja, Von der ersten Idee über die Koop-Absprache bis zur Gestaltung der POS-Werbemittel made by RR.

20.02.2021 - Eva Schuster

Volle Ladung Geschmack.

Nächste Runde im POS-Campaigning für Naturals.

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Wie gewohnt mit voller Ladung Aktivierungs-Power. Vom Claim bis zu den Gewinnen. Von Sell-In über POS-Werbemittel bis zur Aktionsseite. Aber natürlich: https://www.naturals-aktion.de/


You’re on the right track.

Curious? Good – let’s meet for a personal consultation and see if the sparks fly. If they do, we’ll have a great start on ensuring your next promotional campaign catches fire.

You can visit by car.

Just use your navigational system to guide you right to our door. Free parking available at Zeppelinstraße 7 a. No need to rush! There are two speed cameras in the tunnel on the way to our office. The speed limit’s 50 km/h.

You can visit by train.

From Bonn Hauptbahnhof (central station), you can reach the station at Bonn-Bad Godesberg in 5 minutes by taking a regional train (MRB, RB, RE). From there, it’s just a 500 m walk to our agency. Alternately, you could take the Straßenbahn (streetcar)/U-Bahn (subway) (Line 16 + 63) to Bonn-Bad Godesberg station. Don’t want to wait on the train? Just take a taxi. From Siegburg station, first take the streetcar to Bonn central station, then continue as above. The taxi might be a better choice if you’re coming from Siegburg, as it’s quicker and simpler.

You can visit by plane.

From Cologne Bonn Airport, you’ll take the bus (line SB 60) to reach Bonn central station in 30 minutes. From there, you can continue as above. A taxi offers the most comfortable trip; the full ride to our office takes just 30 minutes.

You can visit by boat.

For a romantic Rhine journey, you could travel with the KD (KölnDüsseldorfer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft) to the Bonn-Bad Godesberg landing. The final 2 km to our agency will lead you through a lovely residential area. Depending on your pace, you’ll need about 30 minutes for the walk. A taxi’s quicker – just call one up via app (Taxi Bonn, myTaxi) or phone (0228 555555).

Ready for take off?

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